Love your blog, I hope you don't mind another husband getting hard to what you post. Just curious as I know you guys are turned on by watching, have you watched couples fuck in person or just on camera?

Thank you! Get hard all you want, I think that’s the point ;).  We’ve never watched any couples fuck in person.  Not ruling it out, we’ve just never found ourselves in the situation.  Is it something you recommend?

Your husband might enjoy me.

Probably more spoo on your feed than he would care to see.  I do appreciate all of the cock pics you post though!! ;)


You’re mine, you lil slut.

They seem to be having fun

Booty booty booty booty bouncin everywhere…


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All videos all the time

What is your sexual desire ? What does it take to get your motor running in high gear ?

I like coming more than once. I like being tossed around. I love having my ass grabbed, especially if I’m already turned on. I enjoy a hand on my head when I’m sucking his cock. I love oral with some fingers in me at the same time. Lucky for me I get most of this generally when I want :)

So, what is your prfereed form of kink? Seeing as you posted the whole reblog this if you will answer etc... :-)

Voyeurism I guess? The husband and I have talked about going to a sex club, but just to watch (do they let you do that generally?). Exhibitionists like to be watched so there must be some around somewhere.

I like it a little rough, but it seems like everyone does these days. I like it when my husband gets super into being blown, yum. Neither of us like jizz much (hence the few cum shots you’ll find here).

Can’t resist!

Can’t resist!



Loud squirting



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Stuff it in

Just like your husband, I also cannot resist the wonderful sounds a woman can make during sex. Love your blog. It is almost as though you are creating it for all of us audio lovers out here.

Awww thanks!! Yes, my husband loves lady noises. He doesn’t really like money shots (one of the few men that don’t I’m gathering) so you won’t find many of those here either. Unless of course the moaning is awesome ;)